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All Lamps are made to order and can be completely personalised.


A Very Special Art Lamp

On showing an old neighbour what I was up to, I was asked if I could make one using old photographs as it was his parents wedding anniversary coming up. Saying yes I was presented with which needed touching up.

mam beforedad before

I’m not a whizz with Photoshop, but I was (and more importantly the customer) happy with the results.. retouching most of the scratches which would have really stood out when illuminated.

Mam  Dad

and then of course putting it all together, I think it remains my favourite. Unfortunately I have lost the photos of the lamp illuminated, the important part is the customer liked it; so much they came back for another.

Anniversary Lamp Anniversary Lamp

Give me a shout if you’d like something similar.

Putting the art in.

Adapting images of my artwork ( for the art lamps is a simple process. Some pieces work work better as a mirrored image, such as the George Art lamp

George Art Lamp

Where others like Temptation work better as a wrap around image.

Temptation Art Lamp Temptation Art Lamp

I currently don’t have any stock of Art Lamps, I am happy to make them on request though, so if you’d like to purchase one please get in touch.

Dimensions are 400 x 275 x 225mm

Art lamps

Walking Stick stand

I got the idea for the Art Lamps after making a walking stick stand to sell some of my Uncle’s old stock. As soon I had made the stand the concept of the lamp was born and I was soon trawling through the images on my computer for suitable images; finally settling on some of my daughter’s (Amber Harris) Pop-art Elephant images, which she had just completed for her GCSE.


it didn’t take long to work it up to a prototype and the Art Lamps were born