Hosshaus Micro Wallets

First Batch

The first batch of my redesigned micro wallets are now up for sale on my Etsy store.

Made from remnants and upcycled leather, each one is hand cut and hand stitched using waxed twine. They are prefect for reducing the footprint of a conventional wallet.

Get yours here: Hosshaus

Putting the art in.

Adapting images of my artwork (www.matthewharris.info) for the art lamps is a simple process. Some pieces work work better as a mirrored image, such as the George Art lamp

George Art Lamp

Where others like Temptation work better as a wrap around image.

Temptation Art Lamp Temptation Art Lamp

I currently don’t have any stock of Art Lamps, I am happy to make them on request though, so if you’d like to purchase one please get in touch.

Dimensions are 400 x 275 x 225mm